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Guidelines for using the Event Registration Form

Submitting incorrect or inaccurate information will delay your event registration process.

** PLEASE NOTE: Events must be registered four (4) weeks prior to the start date, or the event will not be approved. If you're not sure whether your event should be registered, please feel free to write to us at, or call 607-255-4169.

Upon completing the on-line Event Registration Form, your event information will be forwarded to a system administrator. The administrator will then contact (via email) the university personnel who are required to review your event. These reviewers will be able to see all detailed information that you have entered; therefore, it is important to include as many details as possible. If these reviewers have any comments and/or questions, they may contact you by email or phone (note: some offices review Event Registration Form applications in person only, and must see accompanying materials, such as artwork, etc.). You will have access to view your event's status at all times, including the reviewer's comments and approval status. Information on how to access your event's status is included on the page following the Event Registration Form.

Once your event has received all necessary approvals, you will be contacted via email.

Please note the following policies and procedures regarding event planning at Cornell University:

Reserving Space on Campus
When planning an event, you should reserve your space with a building reservationist as soon as possible. However, if you think that you might risk missing the four week deadline for filing the Event Registration Form, make sure to get the ERF submitted first, and indicate that the location is TBD (to be determined). You can then edit your form once your location is confirmed.

To find out who the building reservationist is for the location you wish to use, go to the Room Reservation Contact Information website. If you are not sure if you should reserve your space prior to completing the form, check with the building reservationist first. On the Event Registration Form, you will be asked whether you already reserved space, and the name of the reservationist.

If you are planning on using Appel Fields or the Rawlings Green (North Campus), you must meet with Brigitta Putnam (255-7738) to discuss policies and procedures for using the fields.

If you are planning on using Bailey Hall, please note that a specific set of procedures must be followed. For information on reserving Bailey Hall, along with policies and procedures, please visit

Merchandise Approval - Using Cornell's name, logo, and/or artwork on merchandise
If you are having merchandise made that contains the Cornell University name, nickname, logo, or artwork (i.e. shirts, hats, pens, etc.), please be prepared to submit an application to the Cornell University Brand Center. All merchandise must be printed by approved Cornell vendors. The approval form, along with additional information, can be found on-line at the Brand Center's website. Note that this policy does not apply to information printed on paper (i.e. posters, program booklets, etc.).

Conducting sales on Cornell's campus
Cornell University has very specific policies regarding conducting sales on Cornell's campus. All those involved with sales activity must be members of the Cornell community. For specific information and policies, view Cornell's policy on Sales Activities on Campus.

Private companies/businesses on campus
Private companies may not use Cornell's educational tax-exempt property and resources for their own business purposes, unless as part of a Cornell sponsored recruiting program or other Cornell sponsored educational event. This includes sales, marketing, and promotions of individual businesses. In short, students, classes, departments, etc. cannot be used as a 'front' for a business to gain access to the campus, student, staff and faculty market.

Cornell University promotes an inclusive and welcoming environment for all people and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, every program, service and activity needs to be prepared to be accessible for people with disabilities. Please review the guide to planning accessible events at Cornell: and specifically review the accessibility checklist at If you have questions about accessibility elements at a location you are considering, please contact for more information.

On the Event Registration Form, you will be asked to describe how you plan to accommodate guests who may require accessibility related to their disability: consider parking issues, access to facilities, interpreters, etc.

Your event will be reviewed for accessibility by University personnel prior to authorization for the event.

Food and alcohol at events
If you are having food at your event, and are self-catering, be prepared to explain your plans with a food safety specialist. This information should include menu, food sources, method of preparation, where the food production will take place, transportation of the food, style of service, etc. If the event will be catered, the caterer must be an approved caterer with Cornell University (see approved caterer list).

If you are registering an event where alcohol will be served, you must complete all required information on the Event Registration Form. Please be sure you have all of the caterer's information, and you are familiar with Cornell University's Alcohol Policy.

Open fires, noise permits
Events with open fires, including campfires and bonfires, require an open burning permit in addition to the Event Registration Form. Open burning permits can not be filed on-line, and may be obtained at 521 Willard Straight Hall or from Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at 201 Palm Road. See the EHS Event Management site for more information and guidelines regarding event safety.

If your event requires a noise permit, you will be required to complete a paper form and obtain the appropriate signatures. Noise permits are available from the Campus Activities Office (521 WSH).

Required Insurance and Payment/Reimbursement Guidelines
Please be aware that Cornell will not reimburse students or student organizations for any payments made directly to a vendor for services or fees such as lecture/speaking engagements, photography, video, coaching/lessons, referees, entertainment, etc. For tax reporting purposes, Cornell MUST initiate the payment to the vendor so the income is reflected on the vendor's IRS 1099. Otherwise, it gives the appearance that the vendor is receiving income under-the-table from Cornell.

Vendors providing a service must also meet Cornell's insurance requirements in advance of them coming to campus and/or performing the service. For University Organizations, please contact your department's Business Service Center. For Independent/External Organizations, please contact Loreen Geiger ( Caterers are required to submit a separate Insurance Certificate for your event(s).

Cornell University is committed to sustainability. When planning your event, there are many ways to ensure that you can incorporate these goals, including following mandatory composting if you will have food. To learn more about including sustainability, check out the Sustainable Events Planning Guide, or learn more about Cornell's commitment to sustainability at Contact for assistance with making your event sustainable.

Parking and transportation issues
When planning your event, take into consideration any parking and/or transportation. For example, will you need to reserve parking spots near the venue for your speaker? Does your speaker/performer need parking permits? Will the event draw traffic from off-campus, requiring you to reserve parking areas or need staff directing traffic? For information, visit Cornell's Commuter and Parking Services website.

Events at Fraternity/Sorority houses
If your event takes place in a fraternity or sorority house (either private of university owned), you should not complete an Event Registration Form. However, please be sure to register your event with Sorority and Fraternity Life (607-255-2310).

Events Management Planning Team (EMPT)
The Events Management Planning Team (EMPT) is comprised of various university officials who will review the details of your event, and offer their approval and/or comments. EMPT meets weekly (as needed) on Thursdays at 3:00 pm in the Cornell Police Conference Room located in Barton Hall. To get on the agenda, please contact Roxanne Edsall-Beebe at 255-4169 by Tuesday of the week you'd like to attend.

Changes to your event details
If any details of your event are changed after you have already submitted the form, please contact Roxanne Edsall immediately (this includes date or location changes, cancellations, change of contact person, etc.). Roxanne can be reached in the Campus Activities Office at (607) 255-4169, or via email at Upon completion of the form, you will see information on how you can log in to this site to check the status of your event approval. You will also have the option to print out your form for your records.


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